Give Your Outdated Online Content the Axe

The people behind a company or brand can be more compelling and add a human touch to the overall marketing effort. How well does your business website do at showcasing your staff? Featuring company principals prominently has been popular in creative and professional service websites for some time. For businesses slow to embrace this marketing opportunity, a simple reputation management system for removing sensitive website content may give company leaders confidence to highlight employee’s backgrounds and achievements online…

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15+ Tips to Build A Loyal Twitter Following

Are you an attractive “follow” on Twitter? First impressions are key to the organic growth of your twitter audience. The words and images you use on twitter help portray the public image of your business, similar to your best outfit on a first date. Put the finishing touches on your twitter account with these tips. First, don’t focus on numbers. For most businesses having a large number of twitter followers alone won’t bring business results. What is needed is an engaged audience. Follower numbers are mostly useless in judging the real-world influence level of a tweeter. A prolific tweeter with 50,000 followers posting 20+ tweets daily using automated tools can be impressive to some. What impresses me is an account engaging with a smaller audience…

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