We help create professional online presences that clearly differentiate our clients from their competitors. Our approach is simple: we listen well, work hard to serve our clients needs, and deliver on time. Our benchmark for success is that the solution meets our clients’ goals and exceeds their expectations.

A Proven Website Design Process

Since providing our first client website in 2000 we have developed a process to help clients succeed. To develop a winning website, we suggest including the following steps:

  • Competitor research – Creating a memorable brand starts with research. We examine competitor strategies – their messages, online presences, search terms they’re targeting, and much more.
  • Designing the interface – There are countless possibilities to consider when designing a website. We sift through the options and present ideas that fit your industry and target audience. Through a series of design drafts we create web designs that fit our clients’ goals and take advantage of the latest technology. The overarching goal? To create an interface where the website visitor feels at home, is able to navigate easily and is left with a feeling of professionalism and confidence in your company. To get an idea of what we offer, please view our sample web designs.
  • Creating the code – Our programmers create and test the programming code for your custom or pre-built theme. We adhere to the best practices of the web, creating sites that load quickly and view well across multiple screen sizes.
  • Developing the content – We make each page compelling with creative design elements¬† including illustrations, diagrams and photo treatments. We also provide coaching and training on how to fine tune your blog posts and page content.
  • Search engine optimization – Targeted search terms are placed throughout the site so that your customers and prospects can find you easily online.
  • Refining the content – Once content has been added and all the pages created, we make any needed client revisions.
  • Hosting the site – We work closely with your hosting vendor to get the site launched and when future issues arise.
  • Maintenance and ongoing analysis – Updating and adding to the site content benefits visitors and helps maintain search visibility. And we can help analyze your online data to better align your online efforts with business goals.
  • Ongoing promotion – We can assist with all aspects of your brand, from email marketing to advertising. We work hard to help your site get noticed by your prospects.

Got A Startup? Time to Re-brand?

Try Our Affordable Logo Design Service

Evolution Design has developed over 100 logo designs for clients of all sizes and across a variety of industries. Whether the need is a logo design for a start-up business or a re-branding for a large organization, our creative logo designs provide a memorable first impression. Thorough research and exploration of a variety of styles and themes leads to a brand identity that will stand out in your marketplace. To make sure that the logo design fits your needs completely, an unlimited number of rounds of client design revisions are included in our design process. Once the logo design is approved, we create an extensive library of art files so that the logo design can be used consistently by other vendors. Evolution Design can also create matching identity pieces to fit various printed and digital needs. View some of our sample logo designs.

For a complimentary brand assessment and marketing consultation, contact us today.