Time To Put On Your Keyword Glasses

It’s time to find out what keywords are popular in your niche. Choose your favorite keyword research tool and dive right in! The Google Keyword Tool is a good free option. The actual reported volume numbers are higher in Google’s tool than with other keyword tools, but if you ignore the specific numbers, the relative volumes are identical from tool to tool. Other keyword research options include experimenting with the “instant” search features at Google and YouTube…

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Fine Tuning Your Online Lead Generating Machine

As a new website is launched one of the first questions should be: “how will leads be collected on the site?” Many businesses in the past looked at their corporate websites as online brochures, where they directed their prospects, partners and customers to “go have a look”.

By now even the most conservative businesses are interested in attracting a share of online searchers to their site. Will these visitors eagerly consume your site’s content? Will they give you a call, buy your product…

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