Is Your New Website Still Sitting at the Starting Line?

Posted by Bear Files , December 18th, 2012 in Blog, Web Design

So your new website is launched… what happens next? Time to take a celebratory victory lap… or are you ready to immediately get under the hood?

The Launch Party

Although I am not physically present in client offices on the day that we launch their website, the way I envision things, the entire team toasts the bubbly and congratulations pass around for a website well done. The designer and developer bask in the glow of their thank you emails. The marketing team ends the day on a high note, and everyone goes home with a relieved smile and a slight headache.

So what happens the next day? Don’t let your website lose momentum – invite your entire team to participate in getting your new site jump-started, with these three steps:

1. Coordinating Your Pit Crew

Are you taking advantage of all the resources around you? Identify the people most interested in the success of the website, and try to involve each of them in some way. Keep each member of your team motivated with lots of updates and occasional homework.

2. Getting Up To Speed with Content Creation

Every business has a different marketing strategy – share yours with your entire team so they can support the company’s online goals as they participate in content creation. The heroes of your content marketing efforts could come from anywhere: from leaders with the most product and customer knowledge; to the all-important company photographer(s); to prolific writers and other creatives.

  • For management, suggest that they write a new blog post, or rewrite a website landing page.
  • For less experienced staff, consider assigning them the important role of photo librarian. Organizing and updating the marketing photo library makes the job of content creators and writers easier, and also gives new-hires better understanding of the company’s marketing efforts.

What are your customers most common questions and concerns? Fuel their interest in your new content by focusing on customer needs first. Whether you plan to update your site once a month, or even twice a year, plan ahead so that you have time to brainstorm for catchy titles and research engaging visuals, and to get committee approval if needed.

3. Getting Under the Hood with Training

Is the website set up to support your ongoing marketing efforts? WordPress and other tools may already be configured. Website backups and claiming of various Google properties may not be. Ask your launch team to explain what has been set up, and if they have any simple tips to boost website performance.

Once your website team completes your site, log in and get familiarized with the content creation toolset. Start by getting trained on how to add and manage content, from whatever training source you prefer. As a web designer I include personalized training sessions soon after launch. I find out what tasks clients wants to handle internally, and help outsource those that they don’t. As new people get involved, occasional skills tune-ups will build their confidence and effectiveness.

Wash, Rinse and Repeat!

So, you have assembled your team, started creating content and scheduled training. Blog posts are being started, by your top customer service and sales people. And cameras are getting warmed up for upcoming tradeshows. At whatever speed you are making progress, at least you are getting started! With the right mix of people involved, your website will be headed for the winners circle.

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3 Responses to “ Is Your New Website Still Sitting at the Starting Line? ”

  1. J Sinex says:

    Great post! Another great way to get your pit crew involved is to plan some marketing touch-point tasks announcing your new website to clients. During our last big website redesign, we did not properly announce our website to all of our clients and a few months later we received belated compliments. We could have communicated earlier with those contacts and stayed in touch better with our audience.

    • Bear Files says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Jackie. I personally noticed the new Webii website soon after you updated it, and saw the look added to your great emails. And you are so right, we can all do better at communicating our own company news, hopefully in interesting ways.

  2. Robin Moss says:

    Bear, great post. I always tell my clients that the reason we use WordPress is so that they can easily update their site. Our custom design can draw them in, but the content (and the changing content) is what brings people back. It is great for SEO and it engages their client(s) and potential clients. The real celebration is the first time the client adds a blog, then you know you have done your job.